Oval Hybrid Digital Printing Machine For Shoes Material

Oval Hybrid Digital Printing Machine For Shoes Material

H18+ X30S, an innovative leader machine of Cnding company,  is used in shoes material printing.  It is the frist automatic appliciation of oval hybrid digitial in shoes material.

Equipment Features Of Oval Machine

1. Precise registration with a 0.01mm tolerance.
2. Applicated for unique screen, slurry, flocking, pressing, water slurry, paster, UV ink, thick plate, pull print, glitter printing, etc..
3. Suitable for shoes printing. Optional 3 to 4 pallets for naturally cooling down after printing, the best solution for automatic shoes printing currently.
4. High intelligent with HMI Screen and PLC.
5. Less Slurry after cooling printing area. 
6. Install screen frame after cleaning, easy to assemble.
7. Every position can be cooperated with press machine, flocking machine,easily move to get differences arts.

Product Parameters Of Oval Machine 
6pcs 10pcs 14pcs 16pcs 20pcs 24 pcs 28 pcs 32pcs 36pcs
 No. of pallets 32 48 64 72 88 104 120 136 152
 Printing Size 50* 60 cm
 Max. frame size   67x94 cm
 Printing Head power  0.375*6   0.375*10   0.375*14   0.375*16   0.375*20   0.375*24   0.375*28   0.375*32   0.375*36 
 Main Motor power 3.7*1 3.7*2 3.7*2 3.7*2 3.7*2 3.7*2 3.7*2 3.7*2 3.7*2
 Air Pressure (MPa) 0.6-0.8
 Gas Consumption 350~2500
 Weight (Kg) 5500 6500 7500 8500 9500 10500 11500 12500 14500
 Production (H18-16 colors)  600 pcs/h

Digital Printing Machine X30S For Shoes
Printhead 4~12 Ricoh G5 Printheads
Resolution 600x600 605x900 605x1200dpi
Printing size Up to 70x90cm
Applicable Fabric pure cotton, dacron, polyester-mixed cotton, Lycra, rayon, real silk, modal, jean, linen, wool, etc
Ink Type 4 color pigment ink (C M K Y)
Dimension 251 x 210 x 180cm
Weight 900KG
Electricity Request input voltage 200to240
AVC,50/60HZ 16A
Operation Condition 18℃-30℃,humidity  35-65%
image process software neostampa
computer configuration i7 cpu RAM 8G windows 7
file format tiff, pdf,eps, etc
Printing speed       (10 heads size A4) Normal Mode(4pass) 400pcs/h
Standard Mode(6pass) 350pcs/h
precise Mode(8pass) 250pcs/h
color management icc based color
adjustment curves
density adjustment